This last weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at SQL Saturday #387.  It was my third year being selected to speak in Madison, I must be picking the correct topics to keep getting selected.

The topic I chose this year was Collection of Baselines of Your SQL Server.  In this session I showed how to use Glen Berry’s (b|t) SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries as the bases for an SSIS package.  This package can be used to loop through a list of SQL Server instances and collect a great deal of data.  These data include hardware, table, buffer and cache information just to name a few.  Once gathered these data are stored in a database that has a collection of tables, one table for each set of gathered data.  From these data one can easily perform analysis that could help predict when a server will need more disk space, if there are new indices or extra indices.

Just click here for the complete download and enjoy.

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